100+ Most Important Current Affairs MCQs (April 2022)

100+ Most Important Current Affairs MCQs (April 2022)

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1. Raising and Accelerating MSME Performance’ (RAMP) is supported by which global institution?

(a)  International Monetary Fund

(b)  World Bank


(d)  World Economic Forum

2.Which section of Railways has completed 100 per cent electrification across the zone?

(a)  Konkan Railway

(b)  North East Frontier Railway

(c)  East Coast Railway

(d)  South Central Railway

3.Kaziranga National Park is located along which Indian River?

(a)  Ganga

(b)  Yamuna

(c)  Brahmaputra

(d)  Sutlej

4.Which bank acquired the Indian consumer banking businesses of Citibank?

(a)  HDFC Bank

(b)  Axis Bank

(c)  ICICI Bank

(d)  Yes Bank

5.The Lok Sabha passed a bill to merge three municipal corporations of which city into a single entity?

(a)  Mumbai

(b)  Delhi

(c)  Kolkata

(d)  Chennai

6.Which institution releases the ‘State of World Population Report’?


(b)  UNFPA

(c)  IMF

(d)  World Bank

7.Which institution launched the digital platform ‘Fast and Secured Transmission of Electronic Records’ (FASTER)?

(a)  Reserve Bank of India

(b)  Supreme Court of India

(c)  Election Commission of India

(d)  Central Bureau of Investigation

8.Which regulator body launched the ideathon named ‘Manthan’?

(a)  RBI


(c)  SEBI

(d)  IRDAI

9.Which country recently signed “Emmett Till Antilynching Act” into law?

(a)  Russia

(b)  USA

(c)  UK

(d)  Germany

10.‘Mes Aynak site’ and ‘Buddhas of Bamiyan’, which were seen in the news, are located in which country?

(a)  Nepal

(b)  China

(c)  India

(d)  Afghanistan

11.India recently signed an Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA) with which country?

(a)  Japan

(b)  Germany

(c)  Australia

(d)  France

12.Which Asian country has declared a nationwide public emergency amidst protests over economic crisis?

(a)  Myanmar

(b)  Afghanistan

(c)  Sri Lanka

(d)  Pakistan

13.‘Sajibu Nongma Panba’ is a traditional festival of which Indian state?

(a)  West Bengal

(b)  Odisha

(c)  Manipur

(d)  Assam

14.The Unified Payments Interface (UPI) system crossed which milestone in terms of volume?

(a)  10 crore

(b)  50 crore

(c)  100 crore

(d)  500 crore

15.Which city hosted the ‘Global Collaboration Advanced Vaccinology Training’ Meeting?

(a)  New York

(b)  Geneva

(c)  Berlin

(d)  Paris

16.Which Indian billionaire topped the ‘Hurun Richest Self-Made Women in the World 2022’ in the country?

(a)  Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

(b)  Falguni Nayar

(c)  Radha Vembu

(d)  Mrudula Parekh

17.Which Indian state signed a pact with WWF India to develop State Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (SBSAP)?

(a)  Karnataka

(b)  Assam

(c)  Arunachal Pradesh

(d)  Kerala

18.What is the name of the website launched for services related to broadcast in India?

(a)  Broadcast Seva Portal

(b)  Bharat Broadcast

(c)  Atmanirbhar Broadcast

(d)  E- Broadcast Portal

19.Viktor Orban has been elected as the Prime Minister of which country?

(a)  Ukraine

(b)  Hungary

(c)  Belarus

(d)  Poland

20.Which Indian city is to be covered with Artificial Intelligence-based cameras, as part of Road Safety Project?

(a)  Chennai

(b)  Kozhikode

(c)  Mumbai

(d)  New Delhi

21.What is the theme of the ‘National Maritime Day’ 2022?

(a)  International trade and Economy

(b)  Sustainable Shipping beyond Covid-19

(c)  Gratitude towards Navy

(d)  Atmanirbhar Maritime Force

22.Which Union Ministry oversees the ‘Stand Up India Scheme’?

(a)  Ministry of MSME

(b)  Ministry of Finance

(c)  Ministry of Commerce and Industry

(d)  Ministry of Science and Technology

23.Gangaur Festival is predominantly celebrated in which Indian state?

(a)  Karnataka

(b)  Rajasthan

(c)  Punjab

(d)  West Bengal

24.Who has been appointed as the new Foreign Secretary of India?

(a)  Vinay Mohan Kwatra

(b)  Rudrendra Tandon

(c)  Dinesh Bhatia

(d)  Santosh Jha

25.Ricky Kej and Falguni Shah are the recent winners of which award?

(a)  Academy Awards

(b)  Grammy Awards

(c)  Pritzker Architecture Prize

(d)  Abel Prize

26.‘Prakriti’, which was recently launched, is mascot to create awareness on which field?

(a)  Plastic pollution

(b)  Gender Equality

(c)  LGBTQ Rights

(d)  Skill Development

27.As per the update of World Health Organization’s air quality database, what percentage of the world breathes unhealthy air?

(a)  25

(b)  49

(c)  75

(d)  99

28.Which country has started a pilot project to produce ‘Green’ Steel by burning hydrogen?

(a)  Australia

(b)  Sweden

(c)  Poland

(d)  Italy

29.The Blue Nile River, which was seen in the news, originates in which country?

(a)  Ethiopia

(b)  Chile

(c)  Mexico

(d)  South Africa

30.‘Wagner Group’, is a private military company of which country?

(a)  USA

(b)  Russia

(c)  Germany

(d)  China

31.As per the Asian Development Outlook (ADO) 2022, what is the estimated growth rate of India in 2023-24?

(a)  10.5%

(b)  9%

(c)  8%

(d)  6.5%

32.What is the theme of the ‘World Health Day’ in 2022?

(a)  Our Planet, Our Health

(b)  Climate Change Matters

(c)  Personal Hygiene and Public Hygiene

(d)  Take Care of You and Earth

33.Which institution released the ‘Braving the Storms: East Asia and Pacific Economic Update’ Report?

(a)  International Monetary Fund

(b)  World Bank

(c)  Asian Development Bank

(d)  BRICS Bank

34.Which milestone has been achieved by India’s agricultural products export in the year 2021-22?

(a)  USD 10 billion

(b)  USD 20 billion

(c)  USD 50 billion

(d)  USD 100 billion

35.The ‘One Health’ framework has been launched as a pilot project in which state?

(a)  Uttarakhand

(b)  Gujarat

(c)  Goa

(d)  Haryana

36.Who is the chairperson of the advisory committee to guide the Semiconductor mission?

(a)  Nandan Nilekani

(b)  Ashwini Vaishnaw

(c)  Sundar Pichai

(d)  Satya Nadella

37.Which is the first state/UT has to include  e-Cycles in its Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy?

(a)  Telangana

(b)  New Delhi

(c)  Gujarat

(d)  Odisha

38.‘Exo-planet K2-2016-BLG-0005Lb’, which has been recently found, is a near-identical twin of which planet?

(a)  Saturn

(b)  Jupiter

(c)  Mars

(d)  Neptune

39.As per the recent study of CEEW, which state had the highest number of forest fire incidences in the last two decades?

(a)  Rajasthan

(b)  Mizoram

(c)  West Bengal

(d)  Arunachal Pradesh

40.What is the Repo rate after the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting held in April 2022?

(a)  4.50 %

(b)  4.25 %

(c)  4.00 %

(d)  3.75 %

41.What is the real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth projection for 2022-23, as per RBI’s Monetary Policy April 2022?

(a)  9.5 per cent

(b)  8.1 per cent

(c)  7.2 per cent

(d)  6.9 per cent

42.Which is the nodal agency to implement the Ayushman Bharat -Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY)?

(a)  National Medical Commission

(b)  Medical Council of India

(c)  National Health Authority

(d)  AIIMS

43.Which institution recently launched the ‘AVSAR’ scheme?

(a)  Airports Authority of India

(b)  Reserve Bank of India

(c)  Supreme Court of India

(d)  Election Commission of India

44.Who is the head of the ‘Animation, visual effects, gaming and comic (AVGC) Promotion’ Task Force?

(a)  Secretary of Ministry of Information & Broadcasting

(b)  Minister of Electronics and IT

(c)  Minister of Commerce and Industry

(d)  Secretary of Electronics and IT

45.Which organisation launched the first fully private astronaut mission to the International Space Station?

(a)  NASA

(b)  ISRO

(c)  SpaceX

(d)  ESA

46.As per RBI’s recent notification, Card-less cash withdrawal is proposed through which platform?

(a)  USSD

(b)  Unified Payments Interface (UPI)

(c)  Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AePS)

(d)  Immediate Payment Service (IMPS)

47.Which city is the host of the fourth India-US 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue?

(a)  New Delhi

(b)  Washington

(c)  Gandhi Nagar

(d)  New York

48.‘Madhavpur Mela’ is a cultural fair celebrated n which state?

(a)  Karnataka

(b)  Gujarat

(c)  Rajasthan

(d)  Punjab

49.Who has been elected as the 23rd Prime Minister of Pakistan, after the no-confidence motion?

(a)  Shehbaz Sharif

(b)  Shah Mahmood Qureshi

(c)  Nawaz Sherif

(d)  Asif Ali Zardari

50.Which country is the world’s largest consumer of Gold?

(a)  India

(b)  China

(c)  USA

(d)  Australia

51.Which state topped the NITI Aayog’s State Energy and Cli¬m¬ate Index-(SECI) Round 1?

(a)  Kerala

(b)  Punjab

(c)  Gujarat

(d)  Odisha

52.Which Union Ministry implements the ‘PM-DAKSH Yojana’?

(a)  Ministry of Home Affairs

(b)  Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship

(c)  Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

(d)  Ministry of Women and Child Development

53.‘Nadabet Seema Darshan project’ was inaugurated in which Indian state?

(a)  Uttar Pradesh

(b)  Assam

(c)  Punjab

(d)  Gujarat

54.When is the ‘International Day of Human Space Flight’ commemorated every year?

(a)  April 10

(b)  April 12

(c)  April 14

(d)  April 15

55.In which Indian state, megalithic stone jars were recently unearthed?

(a)  Tamil Nadu

(b)  Assam

(c)  Uttar Pradesh

(d)  West Bengal

56.As per WTO, what is the estimated global trade growth in the 2022-23 fiscal year?

(a)  2.5%

(b)  3%

(c)  4%

(d)  5.5%

57.What is the total amount of revenues and investments mobilised from asset monetisation in FY22 in India?

(a)  Rs 36000 Crore

(b)  Rs 45000 Crore

(c)  Rs 75000 Crore

(d)  Rs 96000 Crore

58.India has decided to establish ‘Education and Skills Development Working Group’ with which country?

(a)  USA

(b)  France

(c)  Germany

(d)  Finland

59.“Svanidhi se Samriddhi” programme is an initiative of which Union Ministry?

(a)  Ministry of Home Affairs

(b)  Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

(c)  Ministry of Rural Development

(d)  Ministry of Finance

60.What is India’s retail inflation rate in March, as per the data released by NSO?

(a)  5.20 %

(b)  5.85 %

(c)  6.95 %

(d)  7.20 %

61.The ‘Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya’ Museum is located in which city?

(a)  Gandhi Nagar

(b)  New Delhi

(c)  Chennai

(d)  Kolkata

62.Which Union Ministry implements the Rashtriya Gram Swaraj Abhiyan (RGSA)?

(a)  Ministry of Rural Development

(b)  Ministry of Panchayati Raj

(c)  Ministry of Home Affairs

(d)  Ministry of Women and Child Development

63.Who has been awarded the ‘International Gandhi Award for Leprosy, 2021’?

(a)  Dr Bhushan Kumar

(b)  Dr G P Talwar

(c)  Dr MD Gupte

(d)  Dr Atul Shah

64.Which Indian state announced to celebrate the birth anniversary of Dr Ambedkar on April 14 as ‘Equality Day’?

(a)  Maharashtra

(b)  New Delhi

(c)  Tamil Nadu

(d)  Odisha

65.As per the World Bank’s April update, what is India’s GDP forecast for fiscal year 2022-23?

(a)  7.5 %

(b)  8.0 %

(c)  8.5 %

(d)  9.0 %

66.‘Moskva’, which was seen in the news, is a famous warship of which country?

(a)  Ukraine

(b)  Russia

(c)  China

(d)  Germany

67.When is the ‘Himachal Diwas’ celebrated in India?

(a)  April 12

(b)  April 14

(c)  April 15

(d)  April 16

68.What is the expansion of ‘LPA’ based on which the India Meteorological Department (IMD) forecasts the monsoon?

(a)  Long period average

(b)  Least period average

(c)  Long prime average

(d)  Least prime average

69.‘Neptune Missile system’, which was seen in the news, is associated with which country?

(a)  Yemen

(b)  Saudi Arabia

(c)  Ukraine

(d)  UAE

70.Under the Production linked incentive (PLI) scheme, the Centre provides financial support for manufacturing, for how many years?

(a)  3 years

(b)  5 years

(c)  7 years

(d)  10 years

71.Which is the first state to develop Migration tracking system (MTS) application?

(a)  Bihar

(b)  Gujarat

(c)  Maharashtra

(d)  Uttar Pradesh

72.‘Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) scheme’ is associated with which Union Ministry?

(a)  Ministry of MSME

(b)  Ministry of Commerce Ministry

(c)  Ministry of External Affairs

(d)  Ministry of Finance

73.‘Poison Bill’, which was seen in the news, is associated with which field?

 (a)  Pharmaceutical Industry

(b)  Food Safety

(c)  Acquisition of Company

(d)  Virology

74.Which state has announced to celebrate the birth anniversary of Siddalinga Swami as ‘Integration Day’?

(a)  Uttar Pradesh

(b)  Gujarat

(c)  Karnataka

(d)  Haryana

75.Research Designs and Standards Organisation (RDSO) functions under which organisation?

(a)  ISRO

(b)  DRDO

(c)  Indian Railways

(d)  Indian Air Force

76.Samia Suluhu Hassan, who was seen in the news recently, is the first female President of which country?

(a)  South Africa

(b)  Tanzania

(c)  Libya

(d)  Egypt

77.As per the World Bank, what is the daily expense limit below which a person is classified to be in Extreme Poverty?

(a)  USD 1.90

(b)  USD 2.50

(c)  USD 3.20

(d)  USD 5.00

78.Which Union Ministry organises ‘Block Level Health Melas’ at more than 1 lakh Ayushman Bharat-Health and Wellness Centres?

(a)  Ministry of Women and Child Development

(b)  Ministry of Health

(c)  Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

(d)  Ministry of Education

79.Which country is the host of International Water Week- Water Convention 2022?

(a)  India

(b)  Singapore

(c)  Nepal

(d)  Bangladesh

80.Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, who was seen in the news, is the Prime Minister of which country?

(a)  Sri Lanka

(b)  Mauritius

(c)  Maldives

(d)  Malaysia

81.East Timor, which was seen in the news, was recognised by the UN in which year?

(a)  1982

(b)  1992

(c)  2002

(d)  2012

82.Al-Aqsa Mosque, sometimes seen in the news, is located in which city?

(a)  Rome

(b)  Jerusalem

(c)  Riyadh

(d)  Muscat

83.Who is the first officer from the Corps of Engineers to become Chief of Army Staff (COAS) of India?

(a)  LG Bipin Rawat

(b)  LG M M Naravane

(c)  LG Manoj Pande

(d)  LG Bikram Singh

84.‘Mugger’, which was seen in the news, is the name of which species?

(a)  Snake

(b)  Crocodile

(c)  Turtle

(d)  Gecko

85.Where is the ‘WHO Global Centre for Traditional Medicine (GCTM)’ located in India?

(a)  Mumbai

(b)  Varanasi

(c)  Jamnagar

(d)  Kochi

86.What is the food-grain production target announced for crop year 2022-23?

(a)  278 million tonnes

(b)  328 million tonnes

(c)  378 million tonnes

(d)  428 million tonnes

87.‘National Apprenticeship Mela’ has been organised under which mission?

(a)  PM Rozgar Yojana

(b)  Skill India

(c)  Make in India

(d)  Start up India

88.Which state launched its ‘Space Tech’ Framework and hosted the launch event on Metaverse?

(a)  Maharashtra

(b)  Telangana

(c)  Gujarat

(d)  Kerala

89.Which Indian Armed Force organises the National Level Pollution Response Exercise- NATPOLREX?

(a)  Indian Army

(b)  Indian Navy

(c)  Indian Air Force

(d)  Indian Coast Guard

90.Which Union Ministry hosted the ‘National Metallurgist Award 2021’ event?

(a)  Ministry of Science and Technology

(b)  Ministry of Steel

(c)  Ministry of MSME

(d)  Ministry of Commerce and Industry

91.Which company delivered the scorpene-class submarine- INS – Vagsheer to the Indian Navy?

(a)  Defence Research and Development Organisation

(b)  Mazagon Dock

(c)  Goa Shipbuilders

(d)  Hindustan Aeronautical Ltd

92.Which city is the host of the ‘Global Ayush Investment and Innovation Summit 2022’?

(a)  Varanasi

(b)  Kochi

(c)  Gandhinagar

(d)  Shimla

93.India’s first pure green hydrogen plant has been commissioned in which state?

(a)  Gujarat

(b)  Assam

(c)  West Bengal

(d)  Odisha

94.After Bhutan and Singapore, NPCI has expanded to which country, to offer UPI-based payments?

(a)  Sri Lanka

(b)  Nepal

(c)  UAE

(d)  Bangladesh

95.Ariosoma indicum, which was seen in the news, belongs to which species

(a)  Turtle

(b)  Frog

(c)  Eel

(d)  Gecko

96.What is the theme of the ‘Earth Day 2022’?

(a)  Covid and Planet

(b)  Invest on our Planet

(c)  Sustainable Living

(d)  No to Pollution

97.Which institution has released a draft battery swapping policy for Electric Vehicles?

(a)  Ministry of Power

(b)  Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

(c)  NITI Aayog

(d)  Bureau of Energy Efficiency

98.‘Prime Minister’s Awards for Excellence in Public Administration’ are conferred on which units/personalities?

(a)  Chief Ministers

(b)  Districts/Implementing units and Central/State organisations

(c)  Chief Ministers/ Governors

(d)  Non-Resident Indians in Leadership Roles

99.‘Ganga Quest 2022’, which was seen in the news recently, is held under which mission?

(a)  Swachh Bharat Mission

(b)  National Mission for Clean Ganga

(c)  Green India Mission

(d)  National Mission for Sustaining the Himalayan Eco system

100.Which institution partnered with UNICEF India on sustainable development goals (SDGs) with a focus on children?

(a)  Ministry of Women and Child Development

(b)  NITI Aayog

(c)  Smile Foundation

(d)  Pratham Foundation

101.Who has been appointed new Vice Chairperson of NITI Aayog (in April 2022)?

(a)  Jayati Ghosh

(b)  Abhijeet Banerjee

(c)  Suman K Bery

(d)  Ramesh Chand

102.‘Urja Pravaha’, which was recently inducted, is the Ship (Auxiliary Barge) of which armed force?

(a)  Indian Army

(b)  Indian Navy

(c)  Indian Air Force

(d)  Indian Coast Guard

103.Which is the first vaccine to be granted emergency use authorisation in India, for children in 5 to 12 years age group?

(a)  Covaxin

(b)  Covishield

(c)  Novavax

(d)  Corbevax

104.‘India Out’ campaign is associated with which country?

(a)  Sri Lanka

(b)  Nepal

(c)  Maldives

(d)  Bangladesh

105.The Association of World Election Bodies (AWEB) is located in which country?

(a)  India

(b)  Brazil

(c)  USA

(d)  South Korea

106.‘Raisina Dialogue’ which was inaugurated recently, is a Conference in which field?

(a)  Foreign policy

(b)  Climate Change

(c)  Information and Communication Technology

(d)  Agriculture

107.Emmanuel Macron has won the Presidential Election of which country?

(a)  UK

(b)  France

(c)  Germany

(d)  South Africa

108.Which institution conducts the ‘All-India Household Consumer Expenditure Survey’?

(a)  National Statistical Office

(b)  NITI Aayog

(c)  Reserve Bank of India


109.What is the primary objective of ‘Amrit Sarovar initiative’, which was seen in the news recently?

(a)  Elimination of Single Use Plastic

(b)  Rejuvenation of Water Bodies

(c)  Desalination of Sea Water

(d)  Rain Water Harvesting

110.Which is the venue of the ‘Khelo India University Games 2021’, being held in April-May 2022?

(a)  Varanasi

(b)  Dehradun

(c)  Bengaluru

(d)  Pune

111.‘Trilateral Development Corporation (TDC) Fund’ is a new diplomatic initiative of which country?

(a)  Russia

(b)  India

(c)  China

(d)  USA

112.Kuril Islands, which was seen in the news, is claimed by which countries?

(a)  China and Russia

(b)  Japan and Russia

(c)  Ukraine and Russia

(d)  UK and Russia

113.Which billionaire has struck a deal to buy the Global micro-blogging platform Twitter?

(a)  Jeff Bezos

(b)  Elon Musk

(c)  Warren Buffet

(d)  Bill Gates

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114.What is the rank of India in the SIPRI Data on Global Military expenditure in 2021?

(a)  Second

(b)  Third

(c)  Fifth

(d)  Sixth

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115.Which is the venue of Asia’s biggest international food and hospitality fair ‘AAHAR 2022’?

(a)  Nainital

(b)  New Delhi

(c)  Gandhi Nagar

(d)  Mumbai

116.Which institution organised a National Level Workshop on “Innovative Agriculture”?

(a)  Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare

(b)  NITI Aayog


(d)  Indian Council of Agriculture Research

117.India has announced to set up ‘Transmission interconnection’ for transfer of renewable power with which country?

(a)  Sri Lanka

(b)  Nepal

(c)  Maldives

(d)  Bangladesh

118.Which Indian state has recently signed MoUs for development of seven ropeway projects?

(a)  Maharashtra

(b)  Himachal Pradesh

(c)  Gujarat

(d)  Assam

119.Which is the venue of the ‘International Conference on Pharma and Medical Devices sector 2022’?

(a)  Varanasi

(b)  New Delhi

(c)  Gandhi Nagar

(d)  Pune

120.What is the total export of finished steel from India in FY 22?

(a)  Rs 10 million tonnes

(b)  Rs 13.5 million tonnes

(c)  Rs 15 million tonnes

(d)  Rs 20.5 million tones

121.Which Union Ministry launched the commemorative event -“Enterprise India”?

(a)  Ministry of Commerce and Industry

(b)  Ministry of MSME

(c)  Ministry of External Affairs

(d)  Ministry of Science and Technology

122.‘Digital India RISC-V Microprocessor (DIR-V) Program’ aims to create Microprocessors and achieve Silicon and Design wins by which year?

(a)  2023

(b)  2025

(c)  2026

(d)  2030

123.Who are the beneficiaries of the ‘PM SVANidhi’ scheme?

(a)  SHG Members

(b)  Street Vendors

(c)  Lactating Mothers and New Born Children

(d)  Adolescent Boys and Girls

124.Kwar Hydro-electric project, which was seen in the news, is located in which state/UT?

(a)  Arunachal Pradesh

(b)  Jammu and Kashmir

(c)  Sikkim

(d)  Gujarat

125.India has recently opened its new mission in which European country?

(a)  Hungary

(b)  Lithuania

(c)  Latvia

(d)  Belarus

126.“Special 301 Report”, which was seen in the news recently, is released by which country?

(a)  Russia

(b)  China

(c)  USA

(d)  Germany

127.Which is the venue of the Conference of High Court Chief Justices 2022?

(a)  Chennai

(b)  Kolkata

(c)  New Delhi

(d)  Mumbai

128.The Union Cabinet approved an additional funding of Rs 820 crore for which bank, to expand its services?

(a)  India Post Payments Bank

(b)  Unity Small Finance Bank

(c)  NSDL Payment Bank

(d)  AU Small Finance Bank

129.Which is the first airline in Asia to use the ‘GAGAN’ satellite-based navigation system during landing?

(a)  Air India

(b)  IndiGo

(c)  Air Asia

(d)  SpiceJet

130.Which institution releases the ‘Quarterly Employment Survey (QES)’?

(a)  NITI Aayog

(b)  Ministry of Labour & Employment


(d)  FICCI

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