Quant Quiz: Percentage

Quant Quiz: Percentage

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1. In an election, which is between two candidates, 80% of the registered voters casted their votes, out of which 4% votes declared invalid. A candidate got 27648 votes which were 75% of the valid votes. The total number of voters enrolled in the elections was?

(a) 40000

(b) 45000

(c) 48000

(d) 49000

(e) 36000

Answer & Explanation

2. A student scored 32% marks but failed by 39 marks. If he scored 48% marks, he passed by 65 marks. Find passing percentage?

(a) 38%

(b) 35%

(c) 36%

(d) 42%

(e) 40%

Answer & Explanation

3. In an election, 20% voters did not cast their votes while 10% votes were declared invalid. If the winner got 55% votes and won by 36 votes, find total number of voters who casted their votes?

(a) 400

(b) 500

(c) 360

(d) 420

(e) 480

Answer & Explanation

4. Veer spend 20% and 30% of his monthly salary on housing rent and child education respectively. 40% of the remaining is spend on food and clothing in ratio (3: 2) and rest are saved. If his total saving is 15000. Then find his annual salary

(a) 30000

(b) 50000

(c) 600000

(d) 80000

(e) 62000

Answer & Explanation

5. In an examination Arun scored 35 marks less than Ritu. Ritu scored 55 more marks than Satish. Alpa scored 85 marks, which is 10 marks more than Satish’s. Abhinav scored 61 marks less than the maximum marks of the test. What approximate percent of marks did Abhinav scored in the examination if he got 44 marks more than Arun?

(a) 80%

(b) 75%

(c) 69.5%

(d) 62%

(e) None of these

Answer & Explanation

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