Course Description

A specialized 45 hour training program aimed at developing communication and interpersonal skills, making a candidate ready for group discussions and interview at any and every level.
Importance of Communication:- As per growing needs in industries, communication has been deemed to be one of the most important aspect while considering a person for selecting/growth in any sector in any industry.
Almost every industry in India is now dependent on people with proper communication skills, which is evident from the fact that Group Discussion and Personal Interviews are now a part of almost any selection procedure, and people with a good grasp of spoken English are given more priority over the common mass.

  • Basic Communication skills

  • Grammar

  • Phonetics and Accent

  • Public Speaking

  • Presentation Skills

  • Body Language

  • Group Discussion

  • Personal interviews

  • Audio Visual Classes

Course Details


Spoken English

Suitable For

Communicative Skills


4 months (3 Days a week)