Weekly Phrasal Verbs Pdf : The Hindu Editorial

Weekly Phrasal Verbs Pdf : The Hindu Editorial


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  • snap up (phrasal verb) – buy quickly/eagerly; take advantage of, grab, grab at, snatch, seize.
  • conjure up (phrasal verb) – make something appear, generate, produce, generate (unexpectedly or by magic).
  • set aside (phrasal verb) – overrule, overturn, reverse, revoke, rule against, nullify, annul, cancel, quash, dismiss, reject, repudiate, abrogate.
  • hold down (phrasal verb) – prevent; oppress, repress, suppress, subdue, tyrannize, dominate, subjugate.
  • wind down (phrasal verb) – come to an end, draw to a close, wind up, close down.
  • tide over (phrasal verb) – help or support someone in difficulty; assist, give assistance to, keep someone going, sustain, survive, see through.
  • drop out (phrasal verb) – discontinue, end, stop.
  • pull into (phrasal verb) – drag someone forcibly into some place.
  • catch up (on) (phrasal verb) – reach, gain on, come to, succeed in reaching (the same standard, stage, or level of others).
  • strike down (phrasal verb) – abolish, annul, nullify (a law or regulation).
  • dwell on (phrasal verb) – to think, speak or write about a specific thing for a long time, (especially something that is a source of sadness or displeasure).
  • match up to (phrasal verb) – be equal to, be as good as.
  • club (together) (phrasal verb) – join, merge or combine (together).
  • subscribe to (phrasal verb) – agree with, be in agreement with, accept, believe in, endorse, back, support, advocate, champion.
  • set off (phrasal verb) – give rise to, cause, lead to, result in, bring about.
  • taper off/down (phrasal verb) – decrease, lessen, reduce something gradually.
  • lay down (phrasal verb) – formulate, stipulate, prescribe.
  • drive out (phrasal verb) – expel, evict, deport, exile, expel.
  • stand out (phrasal verb) – be distinctive, be prominent, attract attention, catch the eye.
  • go along with (phrasal verb) – agree to, agree with, fall in with, comply with, concur with.
  • hold on to (phrasal verb) – retain, keep, hang on to, keep/retain possession of, retain use of, retain ownership of, not give away.
  • speak of (phrasal verb) – mention, talk about, refer to, remark on.
  • come out (phrasal verb) – develop, work out.
  • point out (phrasal verb) – identify, show, call attention to, draw attention to, indicate, specify, mention.
  • build on (phrasal verb) – develop, enhance.
  • stand for (phrasal verb) – mean, represent, signify, denote, indicate; advocate, champion, uphold, defend, stand up for, support, back, endorse.
  • turn into (phrasal verb) – be transformed/changed into.
  • step up (phrasal verb) – come forward.
  • carry on (phrasal verb) – continue, keep on, go on, push on, press on, persist in.
  • miss out (phrasal verb) – not be able to utilize an opportunity/chance.
  • line up (phrasal verb) – organize, prepare, arrange.
  • cut across (phrasal verb) – transcend, go beyond.
  • look into (phrasal verb) – investigate, explore, inquire about, find out about, ask questions about.
  • result in (phrasal verb) – cause, bring on, bring about.
  • stem from (phrasal verb) – originate from, arise/come from, emanate from.
  • build up (phrasal verb) – strengthen, improve, augment, raise.
  • pull back (phrasal verb) – withdraw, retreat, disengage, pull out, draw back (troops).
  • call for (phrasal verb) – justify, warrant; require, necessitate.
  • roll back (phrasal verb) – retreat, withdraw, push back, disengage.
  • rule out (phrasal verb) – exclude, eliminate, reject, dismiss, disregard.
  • rely on (phrasal verb) – depend on; resort to, have recourse to.
  • put together (phrasal verb) – arrange together.
  • throw up (phrasal verb) – produce something; bring something to notice.
  • reach out (phrasal verb) – contact someone to obtain/offer help/assistance/cooperation.
  • turn out (phrasal verb) – transpire, emerge, happen, develop (in a specific way).
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