Weekly Phrasal Verbs Pdf : The Hindu Editorial

Weekly Phrasal Verbs Pdf : The Hindu Editorial


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  • cut across (phrasal verb) – transcend, go beyond, rise above.
  • open up (phrasal verb) – disclose, reveal; make available.
  • look into (phrasal verb) – investigate, explore, inquire about, find out about, ask questions about.
  • cling on (to) (phrasal verb) – hold on to, hang on to, hold tightly grip, grasp, attach oneself to.
  • pass on to (phrasal verb) – to give/hand over/transfer something to someone.
  • result in (phrasal verb) – cause, bring on, bring about.
  • stay with (phrasal verb) – remain in the memory of someone.
  • hang over (phrasal verb) – be imminent, threaten, approach, be close, be impending.
  • bring out (phrasal verb) – call attention to, highlight, emphasize, underline.
  • distance oneself from (phrasal verb) – denounce, disown, reject.
  • come down (phrasal verb) – decline, decrease, reduce.
  • speak out (phrasal verb) – express, articulate, communicate, convey, voice (something straightforwardly & publicly).
  • leave aside (phrasal verb) – to not consider something; ignore, dismiss, push aside .
  • band together (phrasal verb) – unite, combine, join, team up, cooperate.
  • point to (phrasal verb) – indicate, suggest, signal, signify, denote, reveal.
  • turn out (phrasal verb) – transpire, emerge, come to light, become known, happen, occur.
  • narrow down (phrasal verb) – reduce, lessen, decrease.
  • mop up (phrasal verb) – finish off, deal with (by absorbing final details of something); to complete a project/task.
  • slow down (phrasal verb) – reduce, lessen growth (in an economy).
  • push for (phrasal verb) – demand, insist on, ask for, call for, request, press for, campaign for, work for, speak for, support for, urge.
  • push back (phrasal verb) – resist, oppose, or protest something.
  • call for (phrasal verb) – require, need, necessitate, demand.
  • write off (phrasal verb) – disregard, dismiss, ignore (someone or something as insignificant).
  • embark on (phrasal verb) – begin, start, undertake, set about.
  • put out (phrasal verb) – issue, publish, release, publicize, broadcast, circulate.
  • put up (phrasal verb) – display a particular level of resistance/effort in a competitive situation.
  • conjure up (phrasal verb) – make something appear, generate, produce, generate (unexpectedly or by magic).
  • die down (phrasal verb) – to become less active; to become less powerful.
  • lean on (phrasal verb) – depend on, be dependent on, rely/count on.
  • rein in (phrasal verb) – to control, restrain, restrict, limit someone/something.
  • come down on (phrasal verb) – criticize, censure, reprimand, rebuke, reproach, scold, admonish, reprove.
  • pass on to (phrasal verb) – to hand over/transfer something to someone.
  • whisk away (phrasal verb) – to take/move (something or someone) from one place to another place suddenly & quickly.
  • smacks of (phrasal verb) – suggest, hint at, give the impression of, seem like, be a sign of something (bad/unpleasant).
  • shy away from (phrasal verb) – avoid, recoil, withdraw nervously (due to fear/surprise/pain).
  • stay away from (phrasal verb) – avoid, evade, dodge.
  • wipe out (phrasal verb) – eliminate, abolish, remove (completely).
  • contend with (phrasal verb) – deal with, cope with, face, grapple with (a difficult or unpleasant situation).
  • show up (phrasal verb) – appear, get there, be present, materialize, turn up, report.
  • wish away (phrasal verb) – to desire or hope that a problematic issue or situation will disappear without (you) doing anything about it.
  • throw up (phrasal verb) – produce something.
  • creep up (phrasal verb) – increase, rise slowly but steadily.
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